Commercial Millwork Packages and Handyman Services

    Although METZ Remodeling & Home Improvement is primarily a residental contractor, on occasion we will subcontract from larger companies. By adding other professional craftsmen to our team we completed the following services at The Melting Pot within a very tight deadline for Stabridg Construction:

  • Installed blocking before sheetrock
  • Installed Millworks package:
    • Large (110k) Wainscoting Package
    • All Decorative Wood Trim
    • 3 Pocket Doors
    • Upper and Lower Bar Cabinets
    • Granite Bar Countertops
    • Granite Wall Countertops
    • Wine Cabinets
  • Assembled and installed:
    • All Booths and Stovetop Tables
    • Large Walk-In Refridgerator
    • All Kitchen Shelves and Preparation Tables
  • Installed bathroom stalls and fixtures
  • Unloaded Trucks (lots of heavy equipment)
            Initially we were hired to only install the blocking and wainscoting, but ultimately were asked to complete everything listed above. Though there was a tight deadline, METZ Remodeling & Home Improvement was able to complete the work on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of the owners. We have been fortunate to get the opportunity to work with a large industry leading contractor like Stabridg Construction and hope to work with them again in the near future.

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Installation of Bathroom Stalls, Fixtures, Slatboard, and Any Type of Door

    Dick's Sporting Goods was another outstanding Stabridg Construction job that METZ Remodeling & Home Improvement had the opportunity to work on as a subcontractor. We installed all wood trim, slatboard, door hardware, bathroom stalls and bathroom fixtures.

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Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 2 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 5 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 7 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 8 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 9 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 16 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 19 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 1 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 3 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 4 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 10 Dick's Sporting Goods Pic 14