Enjoy The Great Outdoors On A New Deck, Porch, or Patio

    Because of its beauty and functionality, a wooden deck, or porch, is by far the most popular improvement homeowners will make to the exterior of their house. For most families it will become a fun location to cookout, celebrate, and enjoy the outdoors. For some homes, the wooden deck has transformative properties as well. In one of the pictures below you can see the mansard roof tended to make the house look like the end of a barn. Though this cantilevered deck was technically more difficult to build than one supported with posts, it transformed the front of the house into what now looks more like a European chalet. Click on this tower link to see another good example of cantilevered deck building by the professionals at METZ Remodeling & Home Improvement.

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Small Cantilevered Deck Pic 1 Small Cantilevered Deck Pic 5 Ranch Style Handrail Pic 1 Ranch Style Handrail Pic 2 Patio Deck Pic 1 Patio Deck Pic 2 Small Cantilevered Deck Pic 6 Small Cantilevered Deck Pic 7

    Today most decks are constructed using pressure treated wood. METZ Remodeling & Home Improvement can also build using cedar, cypress, redwood, or any of the composites now on the market. We can also "mix and match". For example, using decorative metal balusters on a wooden deck is a popular combination.

A New Screened Porch Keeps Those Pesky Bugs Away!

    METZ Remodeling & Home Improvement can screen in an already enclosed porch area, or like the structure featured on this page, build a screened porch over most any existing deck. In the example below, we chose to mix and match pressure treated pine, with primed and painted cedar, to achieve a beautiful and functional screened porch that the whole family is now able to utilize for all types of outdoor activities. We prefer to use Phifer Pet Screen for our installations, but will use any quality screen product of your choosing.

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Screened Porch Pic 5 Screened Porch Pic 6 Screened Porch Pic 7 Screened Porch Pic 8 Screened Porch Pic 9 Screened Porch Pic 10 Screened Porch Pic 11 Screened Porch Pic 12

    We are proud to use wood products from national chains like Lowe's and The Home Depot, as well as from local companies like Cole-Hall Lumber and Stringfellow Lumber Company.